Corn cob grits

Corn Cob Grits

Elevate your agricultural and industrial needs with CV. Jaya Terang Bersama’s Corn Cob Grits. Meticulously manufactured using advanced technology, our corn cob grits offer excellent abrasiveness and absorbency. Ideal for applications such as polishing, pet litter, and industrial processes. Trust in our commitment to quality and sustainability. Choose CV. Jaya Terang Bersama for premium Corn Cob Grits that meet your diverse requirements with precision.


Extra Coarse

Colour: Light Yellow

Size: +8 Mesh

Moisture: Max 12%

Supply Ability: 400 Tons/month

Advantage: Aflotoxin Free & Rafia Rope Free


Colour: Light Yellow

Size: 8/14 & 10/14 Mesh

Moisture: Max 12%

Supply Ability: 300 Tons/month

Advantage: Aflotoxin Free & Rafia Rope Free


Colour: Light Yellow

Size: 14/20 Mesh

Moisture: Max 12%

Supply Ability: 200 Tons/month

Advantage: Aflotoxin Free & Rafia Rope Free


Colour: Light Yellow

Size: 20/40 Mesh

Moisture: Max 12%

Supply Ability: 100 Tons/month

Advantage: Aflotoxin Free & Rafia Rope Free

Extra Fine

Colour: Light Yellow

Size: 40/60 Mesh

Moisture: Max 12%

Supply Ability: 100 Tons/month

Advantage: Aflotoxin Free & Rafia Rope Free

Application On Bedding

Liquid Absorption

Corn cob bedding has a good ability to absorb liquids, such as animal urine. This helps maintain the cleanliness and dryness of the enclosure, creating a comfortable and hygienic environment for the animals.

Odor Absorption

In addition to absorbing liquids, corn cob bedding can also help control odors produced by animal waste and urine. This is crucial for maintaining a clean and pleasant living environment for the animals.


Corn cob bedding is typically produced through grinding and sieving processes to eliminate dust. This makes it a good choice for animals that may be sensitive to dust or have respiratory issues.

Comfort for Animals

Corn cob bedding provides a soft and comfortable surface for animals to rest or sleep. Animals like rabbits, hamsters, or birds living in enclosures often appreciate the comfort of a soft bedding material.

Environmentally Friendly

Corn cob is a natural material and can biodegrade, making corn cob bedding generally more environmentally friendly than some other types of bedding. This can be an important consideration for pet owners concerned about the environmental impact of the products they use.


Corn cob is naturally non-toxic, making it safe to use as bedding for various types of pets. However, as with all products, pet owners should ensure that the chosen product is suitable for the specific species of animal.

Application On Abrasive

Surface Cleaning

Corn cob is utilized as an abrasive medium to clean surfaces of metals, wood, and other materials. Abrasive particles produced from corn cob can remove dirt, paint, or other coatings from surfaces without damaging the underlying material.

Polishing and Finishing

Corn cob, when broken down into small particles, can be used as a polishing medium to provide a smooth finish on metal or other material surfaces. This is commonly employed in industries such as jewelry manufacturing or for finishing products that require a delicate touch.

Equipment Cleaning

Abrasive media made from corn cob can be used to clean and remove stains or residues on equipment such as machinery, kitchen appliances, or other tools.

Wood Drilling or Sanding

Corn cob is also used as an abrasive medium for drilling or sanding wood. Particles derived from corn cob can help remove fine fibers and provide a smoother finish on wood products.

Tumbling and Polishing for Soft Materials

Corn cob can be used in tumbling or polishing processes to give a final touch to softer materials such as plastic or certain non-ferrous metals.

Deburring or Smoothing

In manufacturing industries, corn cob can be used to remove leftover material or smooth surfaces after melting or deburring processes.

Environmentally Friendly

Corn cob is biodegradable, making it more environmentally friendly compared to some other abrasive media that may contain harmful chemicals. This makes it easier to dispose of after use.

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