Corn cob meal

Corn Cob Meal

Corn Cob Meal is a versatile and sustainable product offered by CV. Jaya Terang Bersama. Carefully manufactured with modern technology, our corn cob meal is derived from corn cobs, providing a natural and eco-friendly solution for various applications. Whether used in agriculture for soil conditioning or as pet bedding, our premium corn cob meal stands out for its quality and purity. Choose CV. Jaya Terang Bersama for a reliable source of corn cob meal, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.



Colour: Light Yellow
Size: 0-6 mm
Moisture: Max 12%

Supply Ability: 600 Tons/month

Advantage: Aflotoxin Free & Rafia Rope Free


Physical Structure

Corn Cob Meal has a suitable physical structure for mushroom growth. Its small particles and fibers create an environment that supports the growth of mushroom mycelium.

Water Absorption Capability

Water Absorption Capability: Corn cob meal has excellent water absorption capabilities. This is crucial because the mushroom growing media needs to retain the right level of moisture to support optimal growth.

Appropriate Nutrient Content

Corn cob meal can provide additional nutrients needed by mushrooms during their growth stages. While not the sole source of nutrients, corn cob meal can contribute essential elements.

pH Suitability

Corn cob meal generally has a neutral to slightly acidic pH, which can be suitable for the growth requirements of certain types of mushrooms.

Sterilization Capability

Corn cob meal can be processed and sterilized effectively before use in mushroom cultivation. Maintaining cleanliness in the growing media is crucial to prevent contamination of mushrooms by other pathogenic microorganisms.

Environmentally Friendly

Corn cob meal is a natural material that can be decomposed by nature, making it a relatively environmentally friendly choice for mushroom cultivation.

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