Corn cob powder

Corn Cob Powder

Elevate your applications with the finest Corn Cob Powder from CV. Jaya Terang Bersama. Meticulously manufactured using cutting-edge technology, our corn cob powder offers versatility for multiple industries. Whether for absorbent purposes, polishing agents, or other industrial applications, our premium corn cob powder stands out for its quality and consistency. Choose CV. Jaya Terang Bersama for your corn cob powder needs and experience excellence in every application.


Colour: Light Yellow
Size: Powder
Moisture: Max 12%

Supply Ability: 200 Tons/month

Advantage: Aflotoxin Free & Rafia Rope Free


Polishing and Finishing Media

Corn cob powder can be used as a polishing medium to achieve a smooth finish on metal, wood, or plastic surfaces. The small particles from corn cob help remove minor scratches and provide a glossy appearance to the material.

Abrasive Media

As mentioned earlier, corn cob powder can serve as an abrasive medium in cleaning and drilling processes. The particle roughness can be adjusted according to the required level of abrasiveness for specific applications.

Liquid Absorption Material

Corn cob powder has excellent liquid absorption capabilities, making it suitable for moisture-absorbing products such as shoe insoles, pet bedding, and odor-absorbing products.

Assistive Coating Agent

In the paint industry, corn cob powder is sometimes used as an absorbent or coagulant to aid in the coating process, especially on surfaces with moisture or oil.


Additive in Compost

Corn cob powder can be used as an additive in compost production. Its easy degradability makes it a good component for improving soil structure and aiding water retention.

Carrier Material in Agriculture Products

Corn cob powder can serve as a carrier material in the formulation of agricultural products such as fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides. This helps in the even distribution and application of the products.

Coating for Food Products

Specially processed and sterilized corn cob powder can be used as a coating in the food industry, particularly in some candies and pharmaceutical capsules.

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